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Phase 1 Power Outage

To All Phase 1 Lot Owners; The power will be out in Phase 1 tomorrow November 9/21 for an emergency repair. The outage will take place 9am – 11am. Thank you for your understanding and patience while this repair is … Continue reading

Winter Activities Update

We are pleased to announce that skating and curling as well as other winter activities will be available this season at the Resort! We are working collaboratively with a group of volunteers, including Bing Fountain, who were instrumental in the … Continue reading

Breaking News…Preparing to enjoy our Winter Wonderland!

You have been heard! GLRL understands that it is important to our residents to have outdoor activity options available year-round. In order to gain a better understanding of what you are most interested in, a brief survey will be made … Continue reading

Road Repair Update

Thank you, everyone, for your patience and understanding as the road repair project was completed.  All major work is now complete. Random core sampling to check asphalt thickness, density, asphalt binder content and aggregate gradation for quality assurance purposes is … Continue reading

ROAD REPAIR UPDATE: Tuesday, October 12

Please be reminded that the roads in Phase 5 (including the intersection of Phases 2 and 5) will be CLOSED today to enable the Ruby Rock crew to complete paving. The road will reopen tomorrow, Wednesday, October 13th. Residents in … Continue reading

ROAD REPAIR UPDATE:  October 9, 2021 Evening

  We are pleased to advised residents that roads in Phase 5 including the intersection of Phase 2 and 5 have REOPENED effective immediately and will remain open until 7:00 AM on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.     The Resort … Continue reading


🛺🛺🛺🛺🛺.  🛺🛺🛺🛺🛺   Golf Cart Access TO/FROM Phases 5 and 6   Good news!  The paving crew was able to complete the paving on road repairs at the North end of Phase 5 last night and it has had time … Continue reading

Road Repair Update Oct 8 Evening

Road Repair Update: October 8 Evening Edition (


:  Phase 2/5 intersection and all Phase 5 Roads   Those of you at the Resort will have seen the large equipment working in Phase 5 today.     Please be mindful of the work crews.  Your patience is appreciated … Continue reading

Road Repair Update

🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧 ROAD REPAIR UPDATE: PHASE 4 Thank you to all Phase 4 residents for your patience. All roads in Phase 4 are now back open for business! 🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧 ROAD REPAIR UPDATE: PHASE 5 Base preparatijon of roads in Phase 5 … Continue reading

Road Repair Update

The road crew is just finishing up the paving work in Phase 4 at present. Please remember to STAY OFF this road overnight – no vehicles including golf carts, please. The road is expected to reopen in the morning. It … Continue reading

Emergency Vehicle Access During Road Repair

Some residents have expressed concern about emergency vehicle access within the Resort (if required) during planned road closures (paving). Please note that emergency response vehicles will always have access to your lot regardless of whether the road is closed to … Continue reading


******************* We had some rain here at the Resort last night which has altered paving plans slightly. Paving work is still expected to proceed on the Phase 4 road later today and crews are busy on the Resort Main Entrance … Continue reading

Oct 6 Paving Update

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< IMPORTANT PAVING UPDATE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   The road repair project is nearing completion.  Ruby Rock Asphalt Works has advised that paving within the Resort is planned to commence on Thursday, October 7, 2021 and is expected to be completed by … Continue reading

ADDENDUM GLR Business Exemption regulations for Amenities

Further to advice from Dr Deena Hinshaw late Monday, September 20, 2021, The Resort will NOT require proof of vaccination for youth ages 12 – 17 for access to the Fitness Room, Games Room and Indoor Pool / Hot Tub.  … Continue reading

Impact of AHS COVID-19 Business Exemption on Amenities at the Resort

 In order to keep amenities open to residents to the extent possible and to be compliant with the enhanced AHS COVID-19 restrictions which came into effect September 16/20 please note the following:  Effective IMMEDIATELY, all resident fob access to the … Continue reading


Please note the following important update:  asphalt milling will begin on portions of the Resort Main Entrance Road at approximately 10:00 AM today. Milling of portions of the road in Phases 4 and 5 will follow. Completion of the Main … Continue reading

Pro Shop Access with New Restrictions

Due to the new Covid19 Restrictions put in place as of Sept 16/21, the Proshop/Reception Desk will be window/phone service only. If you need access to the ATM or Washrooms please note that masks are absolutely mandatory within the building. … Continue reading


A planning meeting was held on Thursday, September 2nd with representatives from Ruby Rock Asphalt Works, Al-Terra Engineering Ltd (Red Deer) and representatives from the Resort.  The road repair work is scheduled to begin in mid-September (weather permitting) and will … Continue reading