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Golf Cart Access TO/FROM Phases 5 and 6


Good news!  The paving crew was able to complete the paving on road repairs at the North end of Phase 5 last night and it has had time to properly set overnight.


Roads remain CLOSED to Vehicle (car/truck, etc.) traffic, but Phase 5 and 6 residents can now use the cart path across the golf course between Phases 4 and 5 for Golf Cart traffic ONLY.  This is a much more convenient and safer route.


The excavation and placement of the geotextile material at the intersection of Phases 2 and 5 is in progress and grading of the roads at the South end of Phase 5 is in progress.  


We will keep you updated on the reopening of the road which will Sunday morning (or possibly even tonight).


Please be reminded that the remainder of the work will be completed on Tuesday which will require closue of the road from the intersection of Phases 2 and 5 and all roads in Phase 5 for the day on Tuesday (weather permitting).  Futher updates will be sent closer to that date.



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