Oct 6 Paving Update





The road repair project is nearing completion.  Ruby Rock Asphalt Works has advised that paving within the Resort is planned to commence on Thursday, October 7, 2021 and is expected to be completed by end of day on Saturday, October 9, 2021.  Vehicular access (including golf cart access in some cases) will be restricted between Thursday, October 7, 2021 at 7:00 AM and early Sunday, October 10, 2021 (anticipated).  We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation and understanding as this project is completed.  We know that for some of you, this disruption may impact your plans to spend Thanksgiving at the Resort.  If you will be at the Resort during this time, please note the following IMPORTANT information.


Please note that this will not include paving of any private driveways.  If you have requested a quotation for driveway paving, someone from Ruby Rock Asphalt Works will be in touch with you in the Spring of 2022 with paving to take place once the Spring Road Bans are lifted (which typically happens in mid-June).


What does the road paving mean for me?


Access in/out of the Resort:  access will continue to be through the ‘old’ south road and is monitored by Security personnel 24 hours/day until all road repair work in the Resort has been completed.  You will be notified if earlier access is granted.


Properties in Phases 2, 4, 5, or 6:  those residents who are currently in the Resort in any of the listed Phases or who will be arriving for the long weekend will be impacted by the road paving.  Please see explicit directions for your Phase below.

Phase 4:  Paving in Phase 4 will commence Thursday, October 7th.  If your property is on, or adjacent to, the section of road to be paved and you anticipate needing your vehicle or golf cart while this section of the road is closed, please move your vehicle to the Pro Shop parking lot before 7:00 AM, Thursday, October 7th; exit the Resort via the ‘old’ south road and enter through the main entrance to the parking lot.  If you live along the portion of road under repair, golf cart access to the front of your property will not be possible until the work has been completed and this road has been re-opened; however, permission has been granted to access the back of your property to drop off passengers etc., for Thursday, October 7th and until the road re-opens which is anticipated to be the morning of Friday, October 8th.


Phase 2:  vehicular access to Phase 2 will be interrupted commencing on Saturday, October 9th.  If you need access to your vehicle on Saturday, please move it to the Community Centre parking lot BEFORE 7:00 AM on Saturday, October 9th.  You will be able to access your property with your golf cart, but ONLY using the cart path that crosses the golf course to the Community Centre.  It is anticipated that the access to Phase 2 will re-open on Sunday, October 10th to allow time for the asphalt to properly cool and setup.


Phases 5 and 6:  Paving is expected to commence in Phase 5 on Saturday, October 9th.  Therefore, if you are here and require access to your vehicle on Saturday, October 9th until such time at the roads re-open in Phase 5 (likely Sunday, October 10th), or, if you plan to arrive at the Resort on October 9h, you will need to park in either the Garbage/Recycling parking area or the General Store parking lot BEFORE 7:00 AM on Saturday, October 9th.  Golf cart access will also be restricted on October 9th.  Permission has been granted to drive golf carts single file along the outer perimeter of Hole #1 and #2 on the Golf Course and along the designated walking path along the north and west perimeter of Phase 6 to the playground area.  From there you can access your lot in Phase 6 or Phase 5 (if the road in front of your property is not under repair).  Please use extreme caution if using your golf cart on this route.  Be mindful of golfers, pedestrians, and children and remember that there is no room to pass another golf cart on the walkway – one of you will need to back up.  Access to the cart path between Phases 4 and 5 will be unavailable.  If the road in front of your property is under repair, please arrange to park your golf cart on a friend’s driveway in an unaffected area if you intend to use it on October 9th.  It is anticipated that the access to Phases 5 and 6 will re-open on Sunday, October 10th to allow time for the asphalt to properly cool and setup.





You will be advised once it is possible to travel on affected roads as soon as it is safe to do so.  Please respect all signs since even if the road looks ‘done’ to you it may still require another layer of asphalt and/or sufficient time (overnight) to cool before being driven on.


Any schedule changes and/or road re-openings will be communicated to you as soon as they are known.

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